“Made from hand-picked fruits of the olive trees of the variety Argudell, growing on our farm, located in the Natural Park Gavarres, Lower Empordà, Girona.”

Combining over 100 years of hard work and shared knowledge

Mas Ribot is an estate with a century-old tradition in producing extra virgin olive oil, with its numerous ancient olive trees, some of them millennia-old specimens, and its old press, which certifies the long history of this estate.


Located on the southern slope of the Natural Park of the Gavarres, in the region of Baix Empordà, and therefore sheltered from the northern winds, especially the tramontana, with a mild Mediterranean climate, the olive trees grow in optimal sandy-clay soils.


Mas Ribot extra virgin olive oil arises as a tribute to and preservation of this artisanal tradition, a heritage of the Ampurdán.
On our farm, which is in the process of becoming organic, there is an impressive olive grove with numerous centenary specimens, many of them unique, of the Argudell variety, native to this region. We also have over a thousand young trees of the Arbequina variety, in a wide planting framework that allows for generous growth and artisanal cultivation.


“We have been producing extra virgin olive oil for over 80 years, we know what we're talking about.”

During the months of December and January, the excitement, and quite literally, reaches the olive groves of Mas Ribot, where the harvest of the best olives begins, which will later become the eagerly awaited extra virgin olive oils.

Grown using ecological and regenerative farming methods

We are very respectful of the land, the olive trees, and the environment. We treat our olive trees not with an eye on economic profitability but on preserving the specimens as the land's heritage. Their fertilizer is 100% natural compost, which we prepare on the farm following regenerative agriculture guidelines.
We harvest our olives by hand, at the optimal moment of ripeness.

The fruit is immediately transported to a local mill for cold extraction by mechanical processes, to obtain exclusively the first-press oil. It is decanted to remove impurities and directly bottled, then stored away from light and oxygen to maintain the maximum properties of the extra virgin olive oil. The production of this artisanal oil is a limited edition, a unique batch where the bottles are numbered.

Unique Varieties

The quality and uniqueness of the oil is guaranteed by the specific varieties of the area: Argudell, Corivell, and Arbequina. The Empordà oil has a clear, clean, and transparent appearance. It presents a notable complexity, with aromas reminiscent of fennel, almond, and anise. The flavor and sensations have a delicate balance between sweet and bitter.

Our extra virgin olive oil is of superior gourmet category:

The Arbequina variety has been excellent this year, with good body, fruity aroma of olives, notes of almond, walnut and green grass and a good balance between spiciness and bitterness. The Argudell variety has had a more intense and slightly spicy flavour.



Made from hand-picked fruits of the olive trees


Mas Ribot

Parc Natural de les Gavarres
Baix Empordà, Girona


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